1. Include as follows:
    a. Cover letter,  submitted in PDF format (signed by authorized officer of organization)
    b. Completed Online Grant Application Form, click below (signed by authorized officer of organization)
    c. A list of officers and board of directors or trustees, submitted in PDF format (include occupations)
    d. A one-page budget for the amount requested, submitted in PDF format
    e. Current organization budget, submitted in PDF format
    f. Letters of support, if any, submitted in PDF format
    g. IRS letter confirming 501(c)(3) tax status, submitted in PDF format
    h. Most recent audited financial statement, submitted in PDF format
    i.  Organization’s nondiscrimination policy statement, submitted in PDF format (required)
  2. Please limit each upload to no more than 1mb, with no more than 12 scans total for A through F.

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Thank you for your interest, applications are currently closed.